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INFINITI   Acrylic /H1455 × W1120 mm /2021.9

日本の象徴と言える富士山をミニマルに表現し、日本の伝統的な幾何学模様である 市松模様に落とし込みました。途切れることなく並ぶこの模様には子孫繁栄や事業拡大などの意味が あり、富士山も末広りとして縁起が良いと崇められています。幾何学形態の非対称性のデザインや 色は、個々の自由、そして人類の無限の可能性を主張しています。







I have minimally expressed Mt. Fuji, a symbol of Japan, and I put it into “Ichimatsu-Moyo” a traditional Japanese geometric pattern.
This infinity checkered pattern has meanings such as prosperity of descendants and business expansion. Furthermore, the Japanese have long worshiped Mt. Fuji because the shape of Mt. Fuji is “Suehirogari” meaning an eternal development in Japan.We have believed it brings good fortune.
The asymmetrical design of the geometric form insists on individual freedom and color.


Artwork created for Dubai Nissan INFINITI, although the message to all over the world. It features a novel idea Mt.Fuji in a square shape. The color and the orientation of Mt.Fuji seem to be random at first glance, but they are all calculated.

​His artwork  is designed from start to finish.

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