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​Anagram No.4                      ​                            Acryl on canvas /H910 × W727 × D63 mm /2022.9














Contemporary art is too assertive.

There is a person who sees it, and the work will be completed for the first time.

He doesn't present the answer, leave everything to you. The existence of an artist is nothing more than an catalyst to question meaning.

Neverthless, He thinks that the works before this have forced the meaning too forcefully.


He said『Art is a mirror that reflects my mind. It's up to you what can you get a view.』


The meaning and connection of the drawn things to questioning no need to ask his ideas, inspiration, 

and identity.


Momentary interest and feeling of strangeness.


Pure creativity that never forgets playfulness for all time. A piece of his endless vision completed.



『This is an encounter with you in the story, and the act of taking a momentary interest on your eyes and flipping the page while imagining the content is my romance as an artist.』

Kouhei Fukushima

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