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ー A boy  dreaming of space,

and Bucket Head.

The great ​adventure beings now ー

シーン - Ss1-min.gif

Cloudy then cloudy.


A world where space debris has trapped the sky.


The savior such a world!!  Pick up the controller, wear the goggles, 

「1、2、3 !!」


Fly around the universe freely.

Space Sweeper's story.

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「Mom!I want to become a space sweeper!」


「Children have a job to study.」

「I like playing games than study, and I'm sure I can become the best pilot in the universe.

「Ok Kid, let's talk about it tomorrow, It's time to sleep.」

「Ummmm, ok goodnight mom...... 」


​He shut himself in his room and fell asleep in the middle of playing a game.

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『*Yawn*,Where am I..??

Whoa!Bucket head!?』

『Huh?? What you said? I'm Bucket Bear!


Are you new here ? Whose your team? 』


『Team? What about?』


『We are in the universe!』

『Really?! where is the earth?』

『Look at that, like stale bread. 』

『That's not true! the earth is blue, I learned at school. 』


『It was a long time ago. It's not always correct answer

what you have heard or learned.

『Well, what are you doing?』


『I belong a team of SpacesSweeper as a matter of fact.

I flying around here that I recover the

beautiful blue earth. 

シーン - Ss6-min.gif

『 I can't believe it! I'v been longing for SpacesSweeper!

So cool job.』

『I'm pretty glad to hear that ! This is very important mission .

If the sunlight does not reach , plants and flowers will not grow.

Moreover, having more important meaning. 

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『It's not just a cool and excited?』

We eliminate the dust that blocks the sun,

Everyone thinks of us as a resource recycling cleaner.

But it isn't just the sun's rays that arrived from space,

the star pieces are also pouring down.

『The starpieces? It's a shooting star?』

『The day your lives was born,

It's also the birthday of a new star.』


『It has been passed down for many years,

and its life will eventually be reborn as a star and will return to the big universe.』


『How does it relate to cleaning?』

『Starpieces are very fragile.

Most of the star pieces collides with the space debris and becomes dust.

So only a few can get down to Earth.

The star have a lifespan, like you

If we leave the debris as it is, the birth of stars will decrease.​

Kid was confused when he heard about his first space trip and the true mission of his longing Spaces sweeper. And he was even more excited.


『let's going to clean up today !!!』

シーン - Ss9-min.gif

『Someday, i become a Spaces sweeper, and savior Starpieces』

『Sounds excited!!

Ok, You will meet my friend at that time. 』

『Thanks! but I wonder if my mom will forgive me』

『It's a matter of your mind 

『I want to save this beautiful star and many people!』

『I'm sure your mom will be happy to hear that!』

『Really thank you for telling me something important!

『I didn't teach you

Everything is your inside.』

シーン - Ss10-min.gif

Kid finished the first cleaning, then he was back in the room, insidiously

He woke up, and he checked the feel left in his hand and clasp it.

It's unnecessary debris for the universe, but it's important for him.

ーEverything has inside your universeー

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