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1995  Japan

I destruction the Gestalt for the viewer  by vaguely the depth and continuous structure of space inherent in a flat surface, I created different perspectives and possibilities and named method of expression is​ "Serialism"

Green apple

The most important aspect of this Green apple is the process of discovering the perception gap.

Green apple is called "AORINGO" in Japanese.

AO means blue, RINGO means apple.

To learn about this, we have to go back to Japan about 1000 years ago. Before Heian period, blue included green, purple and even gray. This difference in perception unique to the Japanese people has created own culture and sensibility.

This Green apple to tell us how important to respect each other's idea and value.

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KOUHEI FUKUSHIMA was born in 1995, in Fukuoka, Japan, he lived in Shimane and Hiroshima until the age of 11, then move to Yokohama. At university and high school, he majored in the Faculty of  Architectural Environment. He formed a band, assigned dram when he was a student. In 2015, he became a professional BMX rider, and he began working as an artist in 2018. And original character Bucket Bear was born in 2019. He is an heterodox artist who uses an overwhelming amount of input and updates his expressions based on universal sensibilities. He approaches creative themes deeply, captures their essence, and then reconstructs and incorporates them into his works. He sees things from a bird's-eye view and sees the world with sensitivity, and there is always a question in his expressions.This is both aesthetic(wabi-sabi) and the way it is perceived. Therefore, his painting style is often abstract, and is characterized by a philosophy that draws into you with extremely simple compositions and a balanced color scheme.​

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